We’re not here to convert you to the church of Agile.

Our process isn’t about indoctrinating our clients, force-feeding them scraps of wisdom and jetting off on our merry way.

Nah, we’re more of a listen before we talk sort of team.

An educate, not tell kind of bunch.

You know, the type that’s there whenever you need us.

We take the time to help you understand what problems Agile can solve for your business, and show you exactly what’s in it for you.
Then we provide you with all the tools, knowledge and support you’ll need to move forward. Or sideways. Or diagonally.
(Whatever direction best suits your team.)
  And through all of that, our highest priority is you.

Agile Coaching, Consultancy & Training

Whether you’re a start-up, scale-up or you’ve been around since the invention of the four slice toaster –

Collaborating with your existing team so that you can reap the benefits of Agile is our bread and butter, and we’ll always mould our approach to your unique wants and needs.

Product & App Development

So, you’ve just conjured up an absolutely killer invention.The best thing since sliced bread. A problem-busting, life-enhancing stroke of genius (if you don’t say so yourself).

But you’ve not got the expertise or the resources to bring the thing to life. Eh ehm. In walks our lot.

UX/UI Design

Does your product look like it’s just crawled out of The Mersey?

Or… maybe it looks OK. But trying to find your way around it’s like trying to suck tarmac through a bendy straw.

Bring it to us, and you’ll have come to the right place. Promise.

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