We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Nanny Mcphee’ of Agile consultancy.

No, not because we’ve got warts and missing teeth.

What we mean is, we’ll be there to work our magic when you need us – and when you no longer need us, we’ll be on our way.

Except – what we do isn’t really magical at all.

It’s much more simple.

We listen to your problem.
We provide decent people to help solve it.
Then, we leave you with all of the knowledge and tools you need to ensure you don’t have to call on us ever again (though you can, if you want).
“Big consultancies are all the same”.

When we first started out, we heard that sentence about a gazilliion times.

Before long, it became our anchor. The thing every decision we made always came back to. The drivIng force that’s got us to where we are.

Cleaning up the mess left behind by useless, massive consultancies quickly became our bread and butter.

When they zigged, we zagged. When they curled, we whirled. When they bished, we bashed and boshed.

OK, that’s enough.

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